Tractor Pull


Admission: 12 and Under Free, Ages 13 – 17 = $5.00, Adults 18 and up = $10.00


This event is a fundraiser for the Osceola FFA and its Alumni & Supporters Chapter.
Since 1950 this pull has provided support for FFA Student Activities throughout the school year, thanks to the generosity of the Community, Local Businesses, the Spectators and the Pullers.

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. Pull will start promptly at 10 a.m. 
$25 per hook, must sign up before class has started
Pull takes place on the ball field at Oakey Park in Osceola Wisconsin, puller parking is located on the southwest end of the ball field, use 6th Avenue.

Visit the Facebook page for updates. 

Regulations & Rules

-2 hook limit per tractor

-No first puller re-hook

-200 lb grace weight

-20 inch Hitch Height, 3 inch minimum clevis or hook point. Clevis’ should be attached in a safe manner and not be obstructed

-Pullers may stop at 100 ft and restart their pull once per hook
-No Year Limits on Tractors
-Front Wheel Assist and dual wheels allowed in any class
-Tractors must pull EITHER Out of the Field OR Improved/Altered/Open, no jumping between

-All participants will need to sign a waiver, 16 and under will need a guardian’s signature.
-All Tractors will be operated in a safe manner, it’s a compact area, lots of people, stay alert!
-Be smart on the track, it’s all fun & games until someone flips their tractor over. It is the discretion of the Track Officials(Alumni, Hook/Unhook Person, Sled Operator, Flagman, etc) to not allow Drivers or Tractors that are deemed unfit or unsafe to pull.
-Tractors must be in neutral/park while being hooked & unhooked.
-Pullers are asked to keep hook points as open and accessible as possible (No Cement Blocks on the
Back), pullers may be asked to exit and/or shut down the tractor in the event the track crew cannot
hook or unhook safely. It is the discretion of the track officials and sled operator to not allow a tractor to pull if it is deemed unsafe to hook up.
-Pay attention to the flagman, green means go, red means stop. Failure to comply may result in a
-All hooks will be made from a tight chain, NO JERKING THE SLED PLEASE.
-DO NOT TAKE THE SLED PAST THE GATE, the land on the other side of the ballfield fence is
cemetery and Village property, any damage is the responsibility of the Pull, we have to pay for it and
you will be disqualified.
-If a part falls off the tractor during your hook, it will result in a DQ
(Your hook is defined as the Green Flag being shown until your tractor’s motion is stopped after you
clutch it, if you lose your hat or something falls off before the Green flag is shown or when you drive
away from the sled, we don’t care).
-No riders unless there is a secure place with a seatbelt for them inside an enclosed cab.
-The Osceola FFA Alumni is responsible for all decisions and all decisions are final.